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Aesthetics For Men

aesthetics men

Everyone deserves to look good. Men too. When you search for aesthetic treatment on the internet, what you get are pages filled with all sort of aesthetic treatment designed for women. It is not surprising. Historically, the study of beauty, aging and aesthetic medicine focuses on the female face. Men have largely been ignored despite increasing demand.

What about men?

Firstly, we need to understand the male face. How is it different from the female face? Only when we answer this question, can we then determine what aesthetic treatment is suitable for men. The male face is uniqure and must be approached and treated differently. Let us look at some unique characteristics of the male face:

1) Male facial skin is thicker and more coarse. It has more sebum and sweat production as well. A combination of these result in bigger facial pores and uneven facial skin texture.

2) Men are more likely to smoke and be exposed to sunlight (UV). Therefore, men's facial skin ages quicker and are more prone to pigmentations

3) Men have less soft tissue in the cheek area (3mm less than women). This results in flatter cheeks in men.

4) Men have more severe facial wrinkles especially deep wrinkles, as opposed to women who tend to have more superficial wrinkles. This is a result of thicker facial skin, less fat tissue in the face and a more prominent facial musculature.

Conclusion: Men appear older than their age when compared to women. 

This gives men more reasons to have aesthetic treatment done!

Based on point 1) to 4) above, what aesthetic treatment can men do


1) Pores, scars and uneven facial skin texture

The solution to this is non other than Laser treatment.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Laser stimulates collagen formation which effectively tightens the skin and shrinks pores and scars. This results in a smoother and more even facial skin texture. It is the perfect solution for men who have busy schedules because it only takes 5-10 minutes to have the treatment done with no downtime.

Laser carbon peel

Laser carbon peel treatment effectively removes the dead skin layer and impurities in the skin, and at the same time stimulates collage formation deep inside the skin. This is a perfect solution for pores, scars and uneven facial skin texture. 


2) Pigmentation

Exposure to sunlight is the key to having facial pigments. Pigment laser can effectively remove these pigments by breaking them down. It gives men a spot free face, looking more radiant and confident. 


3) Facial volume loss

Dermal fillers are very useful in men because of their relative lack of volume in the face, especially in the cheek area. Fillers are designed to create volume when injected into the hollow areas of the face. 

Nose and Chin filler

Nose filler makes the nose bridge higher. Chin filler gives men a more prominent chin and jawline. Combining the two, it results in an overall more masculine facial appearance.

Cheek filler

Men have flatter cheeks than women. Cheek filler can help create some volume around the cheeks. Instead of filling up the anterior and medial cheeks, which is usually done for women, fillers should be focused along the zygomatic arch for men. This creates a full but more masculine looking face.


4) Facial wrinkles

This can be treated with Botox injection.

Given the anatomic differences, Botox injection should be tailored to the male face to avoid over-feminising the face. The dosage may differ slightly from what is being used in women.

The common wrinkled areas of men's face that will benefit from Botox injection:

- frown lines

- forehead lines

- crow's feet

- jaw wrinkling


As you can see, aesthetic treatment is also for men. In fact, there are more reasons for men to have aesthetic treatment done. Afterall, men want to look good too!


The importance of understanding men's face is critical in providing appropriate aesthetic treatment to ensure a successful outcome. Come in and let our experienced doctors assess your face and recommend the best aesthetic treatment for you. 

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