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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small flesh-coloured skin growths that hang off the skin. They can appear on any part of the surface of the body, most commonly on the neck, eyelids, armpits, groin folds and under breasts. They are so common that almost everyone will develop a skin tag at some point of their lives. Sometimes, they can be mistaken for warts because of their similar appearance.


Why do I get it?

It is in your gene. Some people are more prone to developing skin tags.

Middle aged, overweight or obese adults are more likely to develop skin tags.

Skin tags tend to appear more in pregnant women.


Should I be worried if I have them?

Skin tags are completely harmless. They are not cancerous. They do not cause any pain or discomfort. Sometimes you may not even notice they are there!

However, you may want to get them removed if they are unsightly and affect your self-esteem. Sometimes, they appear at awkward places where they snag on clothing or jewellery and you may find this extremely annoying.


How do I get rid of them?

If a skin tag is upsetting you, see a doctor to get it removed.

Skin tags can be easily burnt off by laser treatment. Results are immediate. They will not grow back at the same place. It can be done on the same day visit with no down time!

Skin tags can also be frozen off with cryotherapy but it takes time for them to fall off after the treatment. Most patients prefer getting them burnt off because they can see the results immediately.


Do not attempt to remove skin tags yourself because they may bleed or get infected if not done properly.



The only pain you will feel is the injection of local anaesthesia. After that, it is completely painless. Some very small skin tags may only require a topical numbing cream before the procedure.


Any complications?

Removal of skin tags is a very safe procedure. Complications include bleeding and infection but they are very rare.


Will it leave any scar?

Scarring is extremely rare. If you are prone to keloid formation, a cream will be given to you to minimise the chances of scarring.


How do I tell if it is a skin tag or a wart?

Skin tags are smooth and soft, whereas warts are rougher with an irregular surface.

Skin tags usually hang off the skin, whereas warts are flat.

Skin tags are not contagious, but warts are. Therefore, a sudden outbreak is more likely to be warts.


Our clinic offers skin tag removal services. If you have a skin tag that is bothering you and you want to get them removed, call us to book at appointment, or visit us at our clinics.

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Hello-- Can you please tell me your prices for skin tag removal? Thanks Robert Kaplan
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

$300-400 depending on the site and number of skin tags. You are welcomed to come in to have an assessment done.

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